The family farm of  12 

generations turning 

300 years in 2021 

Food-, accommodation- and banquet services

The history of Eräjärven Eerola dates back to the 18th century. The 10th, 11th and 12th generations are preparing to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Eräjärven Eerola in 2021.  

On summer we organize popular Sunday brunches with music, cultural events, buffets and other open events. Tearoom and souvenir shop service on summer time. The kitchen is based on tested international cooking and focused on local producers,seasonal raw materials and good  taste. We also have full alcohol serving A-rights. The bed and breakfast service is open at all seasons in the well-equipped guest house and on summer time also in idyllic summer rooms.  

At big wedding parties, business and family events we can serve more than 200  guests. The cosy old time inner yard has often been used for events.

One of the special events is the Slavic evening.
The events dedicated to Marshal Mannerheim are 

forthcoming. Children have their own corner with 

various devices.

The food, accommodation and banquet services  are run by the owner, entrepreneur Mrs. Hannele Eerola-Jämsén, who has the profession of the household  teacher and the long

experience in food matters as the trainer of the groceriers in Kesko Institute and as the free lance food journalist. She also has twelve year   experience abroad on dining services and   receptions with her spouse, ambassador Kauko Jämsén.

By reserving the banquets and celebrations,  facilities for the events or recreation days of your   companies you can ensure the experiences. Come to experience our resort, enjoy the tasty  food and get inspired by our specific events!

You are warmly welcome to our unigue milieu to the heart of Orivesi!



Comments of our guests: 

”Tasty food, the guests 

are coddled with 

small specialities” 

”Magically beautiful milieu in the 

peaceful  countryside” 

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Jasmin Jämsén (born in 1997) is a Finnish poet and artist. The profound poems reflect her delicate soul landscape. People find them touching their own lives. The key themes include spiritualism, life and love. Her first poem book Siellä missä elävät unelmamme (There where our dreams live) is published in summer 2017. The book has 100 poems and aphorisms in honor of Finland’s 100th anniversary.

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