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Find a place for private and company events, birthdays, graduation and wedding parties. In summer enough space for over 250 guests. Historical wooden church almost as a neighbour. Traditionally closed farmhouse yard with old buildings.

Two special events by order are for example Mannerheim in recollection event – memories and favourite cooking and the Slavic banquets.

We offer distinctiveness to your company events, anniversaries and meetings. Laser projector, screen, overhead projector, whiteboard, blackboard, Wi-Fi are available in the meeting room. We have A-alcohol

One day meeting includes for example:

-Morning coffee or tea , salty sandwich
-Afternoon coffee or tea, sweet pastry
-Meeting premises with equipment
Price € 46 per person over 20 persons, € 52 per, 10-20 persons

Two-day meeting: € 125 per person
Sauna € 10 per person, minimum charge € 160/two hours
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Some thematic events at the order:

Slavic banquets

-Traditional slavic food, music, songs and atmosphere. Russian bass singer Nikolai Grohovski and St. Petersburg ensemble. Possible to combine with the lectures on Russian affairs.

Flaring salmon in farmhouse yard when the evening is getting darker.

Candles and music. New potatoes and other fresh food from local seasonal ingredients.

Old time banquets à la Häme province.

Traditional century-old Eräjärvi-style festive banquet with the appropriate programme.

Mannerheim in recollection – memories and favourite cooking

The Marski schnapps and Vorsmack are best known. Marshal Mannerheim invites the guests to table and during the dinner he talks about his experiences.

Well-being treatments by professionals to small groups

Indian head massage, zonal therapy, hot stones massage or reiki energy healing.

Body language –training

It´s important to improve your communication skills and knowledge about your body, because the role of the words in interaction is only 7 % compared with 55 % of the body language.

Colour working gives better results –course

Communication and co-operation skills can be improved with colour working. The colour painting exercises support you in team building, adaptation in changes and finding effecrtive working couples.

Russia-related lectures

The themes include Russia´s political and economic situation, international aspirations, challenges and opportunities of trade and investments, business culture.

Ambassador Kauko Jämsén has the 13-year experience of working in Moscow and St. Petersburg mainly with economic and trade affairs. He has also been working in the USA, Bulgaria and France. In 2011-2015 he was the director of Turku centre in St. Petersburg.

There are nowadays 900 Finnish companies in Russia and over 4000 companies export their services. Russia is Finland´s the third most important trading partner after Germany and Sweden.

Connected with the lecture it´s possible to arrange Slavic banquets with the slavic dishes and the ensemble from St. Petersburg.

Comments of our guests: 

”Magically beautiful milieu in the peaceful  countryside” 

”Tasty food, the guests are coddled

 with small specialities” 

Read more comments form our quest book!

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